Everything I touch is made of stone

Min Hyo Rin for NYLON Korea
The Real North Korea photograph by David Guttenfelder.

A singer weeps after performing a song praising her new leader, Kim Jong Un, at a 2012 rally in Pyongyang. Only citizens deemed loyal are allowed to live in the capital. |x|

Jenia Ierokhina by Jean-François LePage for Amica Italy March 2014
Stars died so you could live.

 Lawrence Krauss

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筱山纪信 x 樋口可南子


Katalin Ladik, zagrebački “Start”, 23. avgust 1978.

simulated:Issey MiyakeFall 1999 

Dennis Mukai (1984)
A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her.

Unknown  (via dances-withgoddesses)

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issey miyake spring summer 1999